If you’re someone who loves warm days of summer, you should go to Sweden. In Sweden, summer days start early and end very late. In addition to perfect weather, Sweden has many points of interest which make the country even more interesting.

Stockholm in the summer

Stockholm is a beautiful city with lots of tiny islands and bridges that connect them. If you happen to visit Sweden in the summer, exploring the city center is a must do. Beautiful cobblestone streets deserve your attention. You should spend 2-3 days exploring the old town alone. There are lots of buildings that are hundreds of years old. The city is home to many interesting cultural landmarks like the Abba museum. You can go to Kottbullar to enjoy basic pleasures on this earth. Here you can try some traditional Swedish foods like meatballs with potatoes. In your free time, you can play games on PlayAmo Casino to win money.

Get out of town

Once you think you’re ready to leave the town, get on a boat to Djurgarden. This is a beautiful green oasis with many hiking paths. However, you should not get stuck in the city. Explore regions of Sweden to see beautiful lakes and old summer houses on beaches. Locals often go to summer houses to escape urban routines. These houses usually offer beautiful scenery like lakes, seas, and mountains. Even if you don’t have local friends, you can easily rent a decent summer house for an affordable price.

Celebrate Midsommar

Swedes appreciate summer so much that they have a separate holiday to celebrate it. Midsommar is celebrated on the summer solstice. On this day, the sun almost never sets in Sweden. During celebrations, women dress up in white, while men put on blue or white clothes. Women also put on flower headbands. People gather necessary drinks and snacks and prepare for partying all night. For people who stay in the Swedish summer house, there is a tradition to swim in the lake.

Sweden’s Geography 


Sweden is a ‘tall country’, meaning that it’s stretched from south ro north. The further north you go, the longer days last. It’s the same for temperatures. In the south of the country, summer temperatures often reach 25 celsius, and days are somewhat normal. North is a bit colder, but days last longer.

Temperature in Sweden is at its peak from May to September. Daytime temperature in Stockholm is often around 20 celsius and 10 at night. During the day, temperature is very pleasant, but during the night it gets quite cold. You’ll need to wear a jacket or something warm to go out during the night. Fortunately, the sun sets at midnight, so there are only a few hours of night every day.

Concerns of health

When traveling abroad, it’s a good idea to have health insurance. Foreigners in Sweden sometimes have a difficult time securing medical treatment. Insurance is especially important if you plan to go off the beaten track. For example, if you plan to engage in dangerous activities like hiking and rock climbing.

Finally, any trip to Sweden would not be complete without trying Fika. This is a simple coffee break that is an essential component of Swedish lifestyle.

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