Roulette is probably one of the most popular entertainment options. According to some sources, its origins can be traced back to the great mathematician Blaise Pascal who was inspired by perpetual motion devices. It has entertained many since its inception. In the more or less distant past, and thanks to the advances in technology, this game first appeared in Parisian casinos before catching on all over the world. 

As a result, some countries have tried to make it subject to certain rules, so that nowadays we have several variants of the same game. There are the European, American, French, Mexican and Royal Roulette versions, among others. In this article you’ll read about these versions to get to know them better and what makes them special, but first we’ll remind you how a roulette game goes.


At the beginning of the game, you will have to place your bet and choose the type of bet that suits you. The types of bets often differ from one variant to another. However, on all versions, you have both outside and inside bets. On some variants you also have special bets such as “Third of a Roll”, “Neighbors to Zero”, etc. Once you have passed the betting stage, you must then start the spinning of the wheel. If at the end of the spin the ball comes to rest on one of the numbers you have chosen, the winnings will be calculated accordingly. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to start another game if you want to continue the game. Now let’s take a look at the different variations of roulette that you’ll see at online casinos.


The American version is special in that it has a double 0 box in addition to the common numbers. This is a feature that should not be overlooked, as it involves more calculation for the player. This square increases the advantage of the house, and is what differentiates this version from the European one. Although it is difficult to win, it is not impossible. With a good strategy, you can get away with it. All you need to do is to prefer the types of bets that will keep you as safe as possible from losing. You will also find a lot of tips on the web on how to maximize your chances on this variant.


French Roulette is similar in many ways to the European variant of Roulette. It has the same number of numbers and the same features. The difference is that during a game of French Roulette, bettors will have the opportunity to place additional bets that will be isolated in an insert. It is true that this possibility could lead players to spend a little more. However, it should be remembered that winnings are awarded according to the bet. So we can already guess that this version offers more, or less colossal winnings compared to the European version.


It is the rarest of the variants of the excellent entertainment option that is roulette and this is perhaps due to its particularity. It is also played with the same rules. However, it has more squares than the American version, and that’s where the big problem lies. Because of the one extra square, the American roulette increases the house advantage and decreases the player’s advantage considerably. If the European version has a double 0 box, the Mexican one has a triple 0 box. This extra square was added to increase the casino’s advantage. As long as there are several other variants, bettors will do well to pass. The good news is that it’s not exactly a hot commodity.


A roulette wheel is said to be royal when it allows you to win a progressive jackpot. Just like the slot machine system, a portion of each bet is deducted and added to the jackpot. To win, you must have a maximum of 5 wins with the same number. Sure, it’s a bit of luck, but it’s worth it.

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